Top 10 Social Media Community Manager Tips and Tricks

Vitrue's own Tara Richards and Jenny Heinrich share their Top 10 Social Media Community Manager Tips and Tricks. 
1. Don't Plan Too Far Ahead. Don't plan more than one month in advance. 
2. Play By The Numbers. Focus on the quality of your fans, not the quantity. Also, keep posts short/easy to scan. 
3. Be a Community Advocate. Limit your marketing on Facebook. The fans should be the priority at all times. 
4. Make Engagement Your Goal. Get responses and figure out what works. Experiment to get fans to chime in. 5. Relax And Interact Like A Real Person. Limit the "corporate-speak". 
6. Run Your Posts Through The "BFF Checker". Is this something that you could comfortably say to your best friend? If not, scrap it and start over. 
7. Don't Be Big Brother. Let conversations flourish without you before you jump in. 
8. Don't Coddle The Complainers. Deal with the complaint if necessary. Don't draw attention to complaints by adding fuel to the fire. 
9. Let Your Fans Shine. Invite fans to share their media and stories on your wall. 
10. Use Your Community to Learn. You have a virtual focus group at your fingertips.

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